Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Miracle Workers

Being married to the same person for 27 years is a miracle in itself !! And that makes my parents prophets of God !! So much for 'parents being form of God' in our Indian culture. Now I understand what that means!
I mean, how can someone share such closeness with the same person for so many years... more than boredom, I'm worried about contempt!
I've lived with myself for 26 years and what tops my list is the contempt I have for myself! I mean yeah I do respect myself and admire myself sometimes but most of the times, its comtempt. So whenever I mess up, I'm like, "you crazy ass, what have you done! Again !!"

If I had an option to leave myself and go away, far away, never to be discovered by myself, I would do that right this second. But I can't, its not an option.
Marriages are also supposed to be like that, technically, by definition. However, despite being married, the two are still separate individual with their own identity. People do separate or divorce, many people are doing these days. But those who stick to each other no matter what, despite having an option, a choice to walk away when things start to turn ugly. Those who fight the storm because they know that the calmness of the shores would be worth it, once they survive. They are the miracle workers !!
Prophets of God is what they really are. Prophets are said to be able to walk on water. Marriage is tougher than walking on water! I mean you could walk on water when its frozen, can't you?! You could be smart and find a way out. For a successful marriage, your smartness ain't working for very long! No tricks helping you here. You have to be honest. You have to open up in every way to your partner and hope that they do the same. And doing that is an act of bravery.
There's pain but there's also pleasure. There are constraints but there's also new kinds of freedom. Its like doors to a whole new world opens up to you and as the age goes by you realize that this world isn't that new. Its just that you're looking at it from different perspective, because you're playing a different role now. Now you're not a kid but a parent, not a bachelor but a spouse.

Since I am so terrified of change, my father often tells me, "Things will change around you, even though you may want it to stay the same. Now it is your choice, either stay where you are and feel that pain of witnessing every change around you, or become a part of the change so that it doesn't seem like a change anymore."
(He implies that because most of my friends are already married so I should get married too. Yes father, I got the message!)

My father and my mother are truly miracle workers. And I'm not even counting the countless number of things they've done for me, apart from all the love, affection, care, protection, guidance, support etc. Being together in happiness and sorrow, today and tomorrow itself is a miracle. And I pray and I wish that everyone's life becomes an example of such miracle!

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Aditya Baradwaj said...

Welcome back my bwoy!! You did a great job in this guess work and i hope you turn to Miracle worker soon