Friday, May 04, 2007

Cartoons and animated movies

As a small kid, I still remember myself getting excited while watching action cartoons like Power Zone in Cartoon Network or Fox Kids on star plus (spiderman, robocop). Events were predictable and end was known, still it used to be fun watching spiderman or batman coming to the rescue of innocent ones and stopping the bad guys. I agree that story and therefore events of each episode were different, but the basic idea remains the same, "good guy(s)(known) fighting the bad guys(changing sometimes but still known) and protecting the innocent(known or unknown, doesn't matter, unless a close one of the good guy(s)!)". I also watched "Looney Toons", "Popeye Show", "Dexter's Laboratory", "Powerpuff girls". Though some of them were mostly predictable, some of them couldn't be (like "Dexter's Laboratory"). While some cartoons like "Spiderman" or "Aladdin" or say, "DragonballZ"(some of my batchmates watch it!) haven't lost their charisma and appeal, cartoons like "He-man"(personally I found it boring after watching it after 8 years!) lose their appeal, simply because of being too predictable and sometimes stupid.
Comparing those times with today, I still love watching cartoons! Recently, in 4th semester, I watched a few episodes of Spiderman which was aired on cartoon network. I have also been watching some cartoon movies like "Lion King"(my first cartoon movie, as far as I remember), "Little Mermaid", "The incredibles", "Sinbad", "the road to El Dorado", "Aladdin" and many more. The fact is that I can still watch the above mentioned movies again! The best part is that the makers of such movies have been very creative in giving their characters good dialogues, interesting events and of course good animation. My latest favourite animated cartoon movie is "TMNT". I have always been a fan of turtles and that will always make me like this cartoon and this idea very much.
It might be that since I am still 18 years old, I am still liking cartoons, but the fact is that, anybody can watch cartoons. Personally what I feel is that cartoons and animated movies are like any other movie or show on T.V.! The things that eventually matter are the story, events, dialogues, and the extent to which the thing you watch interests you. Moreover, the animation due to gradual improvements have become more realistic. Besides, the best part in cartoons is that, anything is possible in them! :-)