Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Dreams Part III, Haunted OBH and Interaction Season

I saw this dream on 21st July 2005. This was during those days when I was a freshman in IIIT, Hyderabad. Interaction with seniors were fine, but sometimes terrifying.

"I was having my dinner peacefully in NBH mess with my new friends and batchmates. We talk about various worldly issues.
I find myself in Kapil's room in GHEB, with other batchmates talking about their experiences at OBH and how they were caught and taken to OBH and that the period of interaction with seniors had started. Some were too terrified to speak, others were telling us about the OBH.
A few people who went to OBH last night said that it was like a Haunted Hostel.
I saw the hostel from near the NBH, later that night and felt the same. It was covered with darkness and shadows of trees all around. It did look like a haunted and spooky place, except for the lightening part.
Next thing I saw I was trying to run away from OBH, but was trapped in the maze. There were walls covered with cobwebs all over and had broken window panes. Though I didn't see any of the seniors converting into ghosts, nor did I see any ghosts, I did see myself trapped inside some haunting spooky maze. I constantly had a feeling that someone was following me!
I remember being rescued by some senior wearing an overcoat and a hat (Pramod sir). Perhaps he was a mentor. He took me through some secret pathways and finally brought me outside OBH. We came out in front of NBH. He gave me his contact no. and also told me some secret mode of transportations, which I must use while traveling to and from OBH during night times, since some seniors turned into ghosts (though I didn't see anyone!)
I told about this to my batchmates and they are amazed and some still don't believe the idea of ghosts. Next day, I saw that mentor in NBH mess and we exchanged smiles. Gradually I discover that many seniors wearing overcoats and hats are there to rescue juniors when help is required. I witnessed a whole team of theirs."


namrata said...

Amusing post but was the ragging so terrifying???Keep blogging!

Abhishek said...

@namrata: No, ragging was not so terrifying. It was just that I never had such an experience. It was something new and made my brain work while I was sleeping. My brain then generated this dream.

Anonymous said...

dude never call OBH a haunted place... we have spent 4 years there and its a heaven on earth

Abhishek said...

@anonymous: Hey! I never said that OBH was a haunting place "in my opinion". It was just a "dream"!!
I was, kind of, terrified by the name of ragging and during the first week in IIIT, the general belief was that 'ragging'/'senior junior interaction' was most severe in OBH.
It was just a complex mixture of all my thoughts and emotions and external information!! :D