Sunday, May 13, 2007

Swimming and Nostalgia!

Since last week I've been going for swimming at the Gachibowli stadium adjacent to my college.
It feels great being in the water! Though I'm not much good at it and get tired very easily after swimming about 30-40 metres, I still like being in water and playing in it.
I like floating in water i.e., stopping my breath and leaving myself to it while experiencing buoyancy lifting me and keeping me on the surface.
I like moving my hands and legs in a dog-style.
I like going down straight(head up and legs down), while leaving my breath from my nostrils(which gives me the required force to overpower the buoyancy force coming from below), touching the bottom of the pool with my legs, giving myself an upward push from the bottom surface and moving up with a good amount of force through water.
I've been trying to cover greater distances with freestyle, but somehow I get exhausted after completing 30 metres or so. Breast stroke helps me cover larger distances(only 150 metres continuously swam till now).
One does get tired after swimming( I leave the pool after swimming for half an hour). After tiredness comes thirst and then hunger(sounds funny?).
Today, I was suddenly reminded of last year, when I used to go swimming in summers with my sister and after returning from the pool, my mother used to make two glasses of mango-shake(it used to be awesome!!) for me.
Finally I had to satisfy myself by drinking Cold Coffee at canteen.


The optimist from utopia said...

2 glasses of Mango Shake sounds good! :D

Atul said...

yup..!! gr8 part of swimming is back swimming and free style ..!!..are haan one more point swimming with girls is gr8 fun.(as I got only one day to swim with them :d )..!!

pooja- ur sis said...

u could have mentioned my name atleast.
and let me tell u , u are a very good swimmer.