Friday, December 26, 2008

Wonderful Doodh!

There was an old commercial that talked about the benefits of milk (doodh) in a jingle. The music is so catchy that I could still remember the lyrics, even after almost 2 decades!
The Youtube link and the lyrics of the jingle are written at the end, in case you’d like to sing it out loud. This commercial was launched as a part of Operation Flood, to increase awareness regarding benefits of milk and to encourage people to consume milk on a daily basis.
With the success of Operation Flood, an average Indian household could afford milk at reasonable price.
Milk is indeed wonderful but what makes it so wonderful? While it is a great source of many different types of nutrition, perhaps a single greatest source of so many nutrition. Except Iron and Vitamin C. Moreover, milk itself can be consumed in its original form and can be converted into so many wonderful forms (milk products like cheese, paneer, curd, butter, coffee, tea, ice-creams etc).
Operation Flood has improved our milk situation and made milk and its products much more affordable to us all.
I’ve often observed that kids, especially urban kids, generally would not complain about consuming milk products, but they don’t like to drink milk, at best they’d mix some chocolate flavoured powder like Bournvita to alter its taste. However I’m sure this Wonderful Doodh commercial would have inspired kids to consume milk willingly.
Youtube Video:


Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh,
piyo glassful doodh (2),

garmi mein daalo doodh mein ice,
doodh ban gayaa very nice,
piyo daily once or twice,
mil jaayega tasty surprise.

Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh,
wonderful doodh
piyo glassful doodh,

doodh hai mast in every season,
piyo doodh for healthy reason,
raho ge fit, fit and fine,
jiyoge bas 99,

chaaro ore mach gayaa shor,
gimme more, gimme more,
gimme gimme gimme gimme,
gimme more wonderful doodh,
piyo glassful doodh.

What is in milk that makes it wonderful? The point here is not talking about all the nutrient contents, but about the fact that milk can be converted into so many wonderful forms, (cheese, paneer, curd, butter, coffee, tea, ice-creams etc.).
An interesting point to note, kids generally would not complain about having the things written in bracket (avatars of milk), but don't like to drink milk... especially urban kids!
A bigger question, though is, how does the cow's population manage to give enough milk for both their kids and also for humans and their families? :O

P.S. - I love chocolate bournvita (or similar ingredient) milk and chocolate ice-cream or its variant!
P.S. - Link to the advertisement: youtube (posted later).


Kulbir Saini said...

Abe, I think you are talking about this one :) Listen and write :D

Bhanukiran said...

Yaar this post is not one to be written at this age :D anyways i used to love bournvita but now i prefer different versions like oats milk or milk shakes.

PS I enjoyed the song that time when it was aired on TV.

Abhishek said...

@Kulbir: Thanks for the video... I really like it! :D
@Bhanukiran: I don't think liking should be defined by age! Especially not for chocolate milk... its awesome! :D

aniket said...

For me, the ultimate form of milk has been the pure, hot, unadulterated, uncompromised (by bournvita etc) form, glass after glass. Especially after a long run or a strenous exercise. Although all this is something that my physique doesn't testify for.

Pity there's no place in IIIT which serves pure milk like I've mentioned.

Vaise all kinds of North Indian mithais use Doodh in some form or the other. Just love 'em all. Can't imagine a life without milk.

Rahul Tenany said...

what a post champ! how come you still remember that song?

Anonymous said...

does anyone have full version of this ad. not the trimmed 31 sec version easily found in youtube... if anyone has tht then kindly mail me to ...

plz plz plz plz.....

Anand said...

Doodh hai masti for every season.
Piyo Doodh for healthy reason.
Rahoge tum fit n fine.
Jiyoge plus ninety nine.. Doodh Doodh Doodh...

Thanks for the remainder of the lyrics

rajiv said...

i luv this ad
doodh doodh ...piyo glass full doodh.....