Saturday, January 10, 2009

Playing along

every little moment that I,
seem to live with you,
there can be nothing better,
for me, its too good to be true,
I don't mind your little pranks,
your jokes are funny too,
you may mock me or hurt me,
but that won't make me go away,

playing along now,
playing along for being with you,
playing along to be a part of your life,
in all the little things you do.


Manish said...

It's really a sweet poem.
This poem shows that there is someone whom you really love.

Sukesh Kumar said...

really sweet!!

Abhishek said...

@Manish: Thanks, but this was just figment of my imagination! :)
@Sukesh: Thanks. :)

Bhanukiran said...

haan bhai deewane i know tune kiski diwangi me yeh chotti si sweeti poem likhi hain... this reminds me of me and atul pulling ur leg often when we were in gheb :P but seriously mail this to p 'ji' bahut khush hoti woh.

@nks said...


aann haan ... poll khool ... :D

n yeh ... really nice poem ...

thinkingharsh said...

simple but really good. :)

Abhishek said...

@@nks: Thanks for the comment. :)
@thinkingharsh: Thanks for the comment. :)
@Bhanukiran: As I said to Manish, its a figment of my imagination! :D