Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Curiosity takes the better of everyone of us at some point of time in life. It took the better of Eve when she ate the apple.
Sometimes, and almost all of us must have observed this, while sitting in an organized group for a purpose, be it for listening to someone talk or sing or play, or maybe at mess during a meal, a voice/noise is heard from a certain direction and almost everyone turns towards that direction to see what happened... a few times I tried not to turn and look and felt uncomfortable, as if I was opposing my natural instincts.
Sometimes in movies I see a character, alone, walking in a dark alley or a corridor with a lantern, or a candle or a weapon maybe, looking for something/someone or following a noise/voice and I wonder, why does he/she have to be so inquisitive about it, he/she would definitely die, the ghost/killer would kill him/her too. Ghosts do use this technique of making sounds or voices to isolate a person and scare them in a lonely place and perhaps kill him/her in the process. :D
Curiosity made Newton wonder why the apple falls down, Galileo/Copernicus about the planetary motions, and Einstein about the nature of light. Curiosity propels progress, retains interest, and make life less boring, even if it means death in the process.
Getting attracted by sounds, light or other form of senses is a basic instinct found in almost all living species. Its a response to stimuli and but natural. Besides, one does discover wonderful things in the process. Moreover, being curious and asking questions is a part of growing. Nature teaches us some things before birth and other things are left for us to discover.

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ojas said...

curiosity killed the cat ;)