Monday, September 14, 2009

My First Mobile Phone

is no more with me. I had to give it to my mother because she wanted a sturdy model, rather than an expensive and frilly one. Owing to my long time laziness, I didn't buy another mobile phone and now I am mobile phone less.
After my mother left, I missed my phone terribly. I missed the vibration it emanated while it rang, followed by the ring-tone which was self-designed. I missed rotating it between my thumb and middle finger, I missed calling anyone anytime of the day. It was always there with me and for me. It was quite efficient, even at low battery power, or in switched off state, it rung its alarm so that I wake up. It was my first mobile... Nokia 1100... efficient and sturdy.
But, now without a mobile phone, I do like it for some other reasons! I am not disturbed by the useless automatic calls with synthetic voice on the other side, I don't get useless SMSs, I don't get call from anywhere! :D It is I who can call others, so I am in control as to whom I would talk to!
Now I do have to buy a new mobile phone... my SIM card is getting bored! Any suggestions?!
Oh yes, I would like to have a camera (atleast 2 Megapixel), sturdy (i.e., water resistant and could withstand shock like hitting the concrete floor from bed or chair and surviving), FM and MP3 player not really compulsary, budget Rs. 5000/-


Anonymous said...

dammm those autocalls .. . yes those rough n tough phones are really good ... in 5000/- you can have NOKIA 7210 SuperNova(4899/-) OR NOKIA 2700 Classic(4599/-) ....

Abhishek said...

Hey Thanks! Nokia 7210 might just be the one I am looking for! :)