Sunday, September 27, 2009


It is a well established scientific fact that the entropy of universe is increasing. This is true for Earth as well. Expansion at a rapid rate lesser physical and social space available. Perhaps the Sci-fi notion of colonies in moon and mars might be commonplace in the next few decades!

No. of people with pot-belly has increased in recent times, so has average size of breasts. Weight of school bags has increased, so has the marks students get in board exams! Internet is used by many new people every next day, content on the internet is increasing as well.

Expansion in human settlements is nothing new, but the expansion rate has increased manifold in recent times. While some own a lot of land, some others cringe and sleep due to scarcity of it.

Automation in most of our daily activities has in turn seen people taking part in many art forms, i.e., expansion in participation of people, be it as a participant or audience. Parents so happily send their kids to hobby classes, adult professionals form clubs or communities based on similar interests. Another reason for expansion in participation could be convenience due to technology, especially in case of writing (blogs) and photography (digicam & flickr).

Inflation, it is said is good for the growth of economy and has been there for a very long time.

Gas expands when given more space to occupy. Most of us are also like that, scattering things here and there if given a large space to stay. In a small room, all the scattering is done in a limited space. :D

While playing Age of Empires (AOE), I learnt that expansion of one's empire is very important for survival, especially if the enemy is stronger. The enemy takes longer time to hunt and kill when one has expanded one's empire, or vice-versa. Same is true for businesses and associated ventures as well! Expansion means growth.
Can it be said that diseases spread, or expand over a larger no. of people to sustain itself for a longer time!

There is no conclusion of this post, it'll be updated and expanded now and then.

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Manish Sharma said...

I really liked the post.
I think this is your first post which I really liked.
It is different from other posts since I think you have covered as much as you can.
Kudos to 'Sincere effort' made by you in writing the post!! :)