Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mosquitoes - The sleep inhibitors

About our very dear companions from old times, mosquitoes, if there's anything that concerns me, perhaps more than being a malaria patient, is getting disturbed in my sleep.
Imagine watching a beautiful dream, and the verge of something incredible, you feel a bitter sting that pulls you away from the dream and into reality as drowsy yourself, only to discover a mosquito sucking your blood. Calling names and abusing won't help, so saving one's energy and efforts to plan and get rid of these sleep destroyers would be a better thing to do.
Mosquitoes have always been there and humans haven't been able to get rid of these vectors. Since the dawn of my life, I've noticed mosquitoes come out of their hideouts/abode during power cuts, or during late evening/night. Other times, they don't seem to exist at all. Hence, their work time coincides with our rest and sleep time. This is what makes their presence a serious problem for us.
Good Knight, All-Out etc. fail during power-cut. Tortoise, Mortein mosquito coils save the night, but their presence is more unhealthy than the former.
Mosquitoes are most vulnerable while sucking out blood or just after that when they start with a slow flight. So, be vigilant and attack, crush it. You might see your own blood flowing out from the mosquito.

P.S. - Mosquitoes are quite like vampires, only that they suck blood from anywhere, and are seldom instantly fatal.
P.S. - Would training mosquitoes to suck out human blood for blood donation camps work out?
P.S. - For each person there exists or existed one mosquito sharing the same blood. :D

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Anonymous said...

One mosquitoe as a "blood brother", twin-soul for each and everyone .. nice!
One problem with mosquito bite is that the sting lingers on, and sometimes you end up hitting your skin unnecessarily umpteen times! Any suggestions :P