Thursday, August 20, 2009


Suicide is a sin, so is the popular belief. We hold in contempt the idea of ending one's own life and look down upon the suicide attempters.
Talking to my friend tonight made me realize the depth of the shallowness of our beliefs. We assume that God doesn't allow one to end one's life, but how do we know for sure that it's not God himself who suggests the idea of a suicide. What if God himself induces this idea in a person's mind that he/she has to end his/her life, instead of God designing a plan of death for that person!
Its nothing wrong to end one's life if no hope is left in life. Of course there would be many who would say, where there's life there's hope, and some might only feel, whatever, or who cares! Only few who really care to put oneself in that person's position and understand that the decision to kill oneself is often not an extreme one but the only option left. It is not easy to build one's life all over again, so why not just end it instead of the slumber existence!
The only problem I have with the suicide attempters is that it is often the case that they're running away from one's responsibilities. Shouldering responsibility is never easy but if you're the only one who can do it or is supposed to do it, then you must do it. Suicide should not even be considered in such a case. Hence, for me suicide is not cowardice, running away from one's responsibilities is.
Often in computer science before deleting a node, the presence of in-links are checked and if none present, only the the node is allowed to be deleted. Same is the case with database systems where a value can be deleted only if it doesn't violate any constraints! Hence in one's life, if there's neither ambitions/dreams nor responsibilities, one can safely end one's life rather than living for no reason at all. Of course if you live and look for a reason, there are plenty of reasons to life.
So, instead of kissing death, hug life deeply and hold onto it if there's a reason to, else you may let go.

P.S. - Even Bhishma Pitamaha (in Mahabharata) committed suicide, although many won't agree on it.


ABHISHEK SiM said...

interesting. this is my second visit here. very well-written, but i differ on a few points.

Sambhav said...

The pic is fundooo .... as for suicide Shakeel has said "mar jaayeinge par kisi ke kaam nahi aayenge"

Rahooool said...

:)) yaar, mujhe tera sense of humour isliye hi achcha lagta hai. itni varied topic pe tu apni opinions deta hai, but I guess that's what bloggers do. Don't they?
Anyway, I want to mention a few things here -
1) You have used the word 'life' many times in your post. Is it just for the effect or have your forgotten the rule of avoiding repetition and redundancy?

Actually this is the only thing I have to say. I didn't read your complete post, becuase I don't have that patience, but I did read the post script; it was funny.

Abhishek said...

Thanks Abhishek I'm sure you have your own take on this.
@Sambhav: LOL@Shakeel (he's an idiot!)
@Rahoool: Thanks ;) I like writing about different topics... else I feel bored! :D

Paradox said...

pic is uber-cool :) :) :) hats off to it :D :D :D and as for the suicide part.. i'd say 'suicide robes one of the excitement of what's next in life... coz life's only once to get' :)