Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Thorn Within

If you want to get a person out of depression/anger, encouragement may look like a good idea but its not. At best it could be a band-aid solution and at worse it may push the person further into the abyss of gloom.
A depressed/angry person is a person with a thorn stuck in his/her feet. He/she is constantly in pain. They can be given pain killers which will have relief for sometime but that will soon wear off, they can be distracted by engaging them in something that will keep their mind off the pain. They could even be asked not to walk but they would have to walk, of course, for some basic tasks that must be done.
Take the thorn out and the pain will soon be gone. So, treat the disease, not attenuate the symptoms.
We all carry thorns in our feet as we walk through life. Some chose to take it out and throw it away, i.e., they choose to move on with life, leaving behind their grieving self and hurtful past. While some others think that if they keep walking they may get used to the pain, instead of taking that extra effort to bend down and pull the thorn out once and for all.
Never be in the second category because you may not get used to the pain, and when the realization finally catches up with you, it hurts really bad and life becomes hell. The thorn must be removed. It could be you, it could be someone else who's helping you out, who removes it. In fact while the thorn is being pulled out, it hurts slightly more, but you'll know its worth it once you start living a painless life again.
Chances are, you already know the thorn and you belong to second category. You don't have to walk with the thorn in your feet, you can pull it out.

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Krishna Kranthi said...

Good one, liked the way you related it to life's learnings...your wisdom is growing day by day...