Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I don't know exactly who started it, but I've seen people post this as their status on Facebook: "Unemployed".
Intriguing, I know. Once you see the number of likes, you surely would want to know more. Read the comments you'll know. "Congrats", "You deserve it buddy", "Well done", "I wish I could be unemployed this way" etc.
Now why would anyone get accolades for being unemployed !! Did he/she quit because of their mean manager, or because the work wasn't fit for that person's profile? Was it because he/she was underworked or underpaid or because he/she didn't like the work very much? Was it an act of bravery to quit such that he/she would prefer to stay unemployed rather than work at your former company?
The truth, is far more stranger than what one might expect. The person has in fact secured admission into one of the good colleges for MBA or MS !! Surprise Surprise !! So instead of posting, "Got admission into so and so college", they choose to post, "Unemployed" !! Perhaps he/she has not tasted the desperation/frustration during unemployment!
Now I am at a loss of words at this stupid, ridiculous act! I am not sure if I should admire this person for his hard work and focus to get admission into a reputed institute for a degree program of his/her choice, or lament his/her ludicrous choice of words!

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Krishna Kranthi said...

I second, and with the second option 'lament his/her ludicrous choice of words