Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Being Online

I might have used internet only few times before joining IIIT-H. Now I use internet for almost as much time as I am awake! Quite addictive it is. Even if internet doesn't serve any purpose for me at the moment, I make a purpose, by say reading some articles online or, just looking at people's updates in facebook and orkut!
My favorite passtime has become watching my gtalk list, to see who's online at present so that there's someone I could chat with !! :P
Recently I had a revelation that being online is like being in a city, lets call it onliner city, and facebook, gtalk (and now Twitter) etc. applications are the outlets like CCD or McD. Often we come across people saying, "If you come online, do tell me." Being online is like being on a common platform, a different dimension of communication. Now you can't chat with more than a person on phone, but you can do so by being online. :D
Sometimes people showed concern on my being online almost the whole day. They say, "hey don't you have anything else to do than be online whole day?", "what do you do online anyways?", "get a life! :P "
Last half month I wasn't online and was pleasantly surprised to find some messages later, saying, "where are you?", "why are you not online?" :D
Being online is rather convenient, it costs much less than phone bills and with google voice-chat, one can talk like on phone. Internet is available almost everywhere and text, images, videos can be easily shared, accessed... and blah blah blah... articles/stories/opinions can be easily published and one do gets many readers online and blah blah blah...
Finally, internet is a revolution that has not only helped me get in touch with my old lost friends, but also gives me a lot of information and a platform to post this post.
Being online Rocks !!!

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