Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music to satisfy hunger

Time for a crazy idea. Would you be able to digest it?
Tonight, I didn't call my friend (who is temporarily staying with me) for dinner in Yuktahaar, went straight from lab to have dinner, without him. When I returned to hostel, he hadn't had dinner, so I urged him to go have dinner, lest he might be late. He was drowsy while watching a movie. He then stopped the movie, went out and got a BIG packet of chips... I mean, WT_ ?!
Anyways, I took out my synthesizer and started playing it. He saw what I was doing and played Titanic theme song on his laptop. I felt like playing it on the synthesizer, so I started pushing keys in random order, hoping to recreate the Titanic music. After a few minutes, it did!
After he was done eating the BIG packet of chips, I asked him, dude what about food? Is that BIG packet of chips your food?
He responded impulsively, naturally, "no, this music is."
and BAM, I got this idea...
What if the music we hear, the movies we watch, something that do that's different from our daily life activities, something that overwhelms us, generates extreme emotions in us, can we channelize the rapid motions seen in the movie, the fast tempo, high pitch music heard in rock, metal to satisfy our hunger, to give us energy, to generate fat, nutrients... more than that, can we use emotions generated by our experiences to, in turn, satisfy our hunger. For example, anger generated can be used to fill our stomach. :D
P.S. - A parallel notion... if experience, emotions could be traded for health and energy, then perhaps a person would age at a slower rate, but would have lesser knowledge/wisdom... would you make such a trade?


abhijeet said...

If something like this happens, no one would remain a virgin ever :P

Gopal said...

Unless the evolution itself corners us with such a situation, that may not possible.

I believe that what ever we ARE, we already are most possibly optimized, with current environment in consideration.

Abhishek said...

@abhijeet: I think we do have a method for that. :)
@Gopal: Yes we are most optimized, but with machines and technology, we may be able to defy or rather alternate laws of nature and optimize ourselves artificially, as we've optimized our lifestyle! :D

Atul Dwivedi said...

Dude nice thought ... but keep playing on real synth .. :P

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