Thursday, July 09, 2009


Have you ever realized that everything in this world is shrinking, getting smaller?!
Well, almost everything.
From the ICs to the dresses, everything has shrunk.
Even duration of our relationships have shrunk, a kind of algorithm is run and, either the current person can be preferred over others, be it because of being certain years old, or because it is the right person... many hit-and-try attempts and finally the algorithm returns the right person... for some person, it runs in infinite loop or exits prematurely.
Blogging, micro-blogging, status messages... will good old novels loose their sheen? I guess not and I certainly hope not.
SMS/online chat lingo in particular amuses me. Words are redesigned by minor modifications like removing the vowels, or the alphabet repeating consecutively. The word can still be understood, though. :D The shortest message and the most frequent message which I receive online, "thr?" !! :)
Average height of man has reduced. :D I am a living example of that! :P
The distances have certainly shrunk, road, rail, ships, and now airplanes... would like to have the teleportation experience before my expiry date.
Shampoo Sachets, Crash Courses... you name a thing and a smaller version is
People's career span has also seems to have reduced... switching jobs often, having more than one career at the same time sometimes.
Scientific research at atomic, nano level... genetic engineering... etc.
More and more compact and smaller systems are being designed each day. Knowledge is increasing and things are getting smaller... perhaps we'd reach the limit of smallness and that would open up a secret of how nature designed this whole cosmos.


Manish Sharma said...

It was indeed a small post. At least, don't try to shrink the size of your posts. I think that you must have written more to make this post meaningful. I did not get from your post, "Whether is it good or bad that everything is shrinking?"

Devansh Mittal said...

Nice post.
I liked this line.
"even duration of our relationships have shrunk".

This is true. There is a need to expand the horizons of one's perception towards the world. For this we need knowledge. By knowledge I do not mean anything related to what we are taught in schools, colleges etc. I mean "Self Knowledge". With this one begins to see that is no different than others and his acceptability for others increases.

shashank said...

dude, even duration of cricket matches have become smaller. nice post

@nks said...

well i liked it ... at least it wasn't biased ... just an intelligent observation ...

Paradox said...

hmm.. quite a shallow post I'd say.. nothing has shrunk.. it's only the perspective.. and btw.. height of human beings is getting shunted or reduced or short... it's the genes dude... basic science !! :D

mythalez said...

the size of data present is ever increasing :P
processor speed is every increasing .. bandwidth is and so on :P

Kiran Danduprolu said...

i only hope ur post size shrinks too :P