Monday, July 20, 2009

The pot-belly club

In my experience, among the total no. of middle age people I have met, most of them happen to be pot-bellied. They carry that extra weight with them wherever they go, like a pregnant woman carrying a baby. :P It does take toll on one's knees to carry so much weight.
Now, some people are fat, but not pot-bellied which is because their fat is well distributed in their body.
Back at home, worried that I had grown weak during my stay in college, my parents kept me on a wholesome healthy diet. Within a week, I could touch my belly and find it protruding outwards.
Whether you're rich or command a lot of respect, a frown would definitely cross a person's face or his/her mind when he looks at you carrying a pot-belly! Pot-belly doesn't look good!
Besides, a pot-belly occupies unnecessary extra space and could be an obstruction while having sex.
Although I would be one of the laziest persons alive, the idea of carrying extra weight outweighs my laziness almost everytime! Neither am I physically fit, nor cool, so the only way I can present myself well is by not having a pot-belly.
Incidentally but as expected, many of my batchmates who joined a company as full-time employees who were in good shape now carry a pot-belly. During college days, many of them never ever did any physical exercise and had triangle meals, gained weight sometimes but never had a pot-belly, barring few exceptions.
Some of my batchmates got so much to eat during internship at a company that their tummy did swell, so did their cheeks and at first I wondered, who is this guy, looks familiar but who is he. It was only when he spoke something that I finally recognized him.
So, don't compromise on your triangle or square meals but also exercise at the same time, because I'm sure you won't want to join the pot-belly club.

Caution: By this post, all I want to say is, don't be lazy, some people can't help it because their body doesn't allow them to leave the pot-belly club because of some medical or genetic reason, but many unknowingly join it owing to laziness.

P.S. - A pot-belly enters a place before the person himself/herself has a chance to do so, a pot-belly leads.
P.S. - A gun-shot at a pot-belly may not prove fatal I guess!
P.S. - Sumo wrestlers don't have pot-bellies but they are generally fat.


Manish Sharma said...

Its good that you have reminded everyone, who have joined companies, about the pot-belly. They must see the pic you have put in ur post and decide that like whom they wanna be!!

varsha said...

The size of the belly is in direct proportion to the fatnes of the paycheck and the number of hours on the chair!!

Abhishek said...

Yeah !! Especially if they don't exercise!