Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doing nothing !

to do nothing is the most difficult thing to do. Ask any person to stop doing whatever he/she is doing and not do anything for sometime. Its difficult. Some minds would still be engaged in the thoughts of the work they were doing earlier, some minds would be thinking of what all they could do if not asked to sit idly at one place, and kids especially find it difficult to sit in one place, but of course when sternly scolded they'd sit anywhere told. :P
The point is, doing nothing in this post implies leaving everything and sitting at one place, and just observing, within and around. It is like suddenly stopping when in a race and looking around at the other runners and the audience, and also at and within oneself.
To do nothing is closely related to meditation and also to various relaxation techniques. Since I have been practicing doing nothing for last 21 years of my life, meditation and relaxation comes easy to me, sometimes so easy that I doze off while relaxing myself during shavasan (in Yoga).
People want to be busy all the time, doing this or that. Sometimes we don't even know why we're doing most of the things we do. One person's lifestyle/opinion etc. influences other's lifestyle/opinions, and so on... everybody wants to achieve something and lead a comfortable life... running, jostling, sparring sometimes... and finally at the age of 60 when a person retires and looks at his past 60 years of his, especially the youth part, he wonders on why he took some decisions...
We all live in a system and follow its rules. When few people decide to break the rules, others are affected. Be it more people training for a skillset less required or some people getting more salary than deserved, an imbalance always has a profiting and a losing set of people. Do nothing for a while and look within yourself, at least know yourself. If everybody did this and made decisions based on oneself, I think the balance would remain.
Doing nothing once in a while helps a person see his/her position in life. Since the race is never ending one, a person can join in anytime and leave anytime, while others keep on running the same circle over and over again, perhaps a few shifting to wider circles once in a while.
The race is always there as an opportunity, someone in the audience is always there to cheer if you perform well, but catching one's breath occasionally is upto the person... I've been catching up my breath for last four years, finally time to get back into the race, and I hope the reader would cheer me up. :D

P.S. - I think the recession, especially in US, forced people to "do nothing" and look into their lives.
P.S. - Would such a situation arise that doing nothing would be an important skill?
P.S. - If you feel bored while not doing anything, then you're not doing the "doing nothing" correctly!

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