Sunday, June 07, 2009

Browsing History

One must be careful not to leave traces of undesirable things done in the past ! :D
Have you ever wondered how precarious our browsing history makes us?!
During holidays before going home, I find people doing two things on laptop, first is downloading movies/songs/other things from DC++/ftps. Second is cleaning their browsing history and "recent document" and removing some things from their laptops lest it would be less desirable for others to use, if at all!
Today I was wondering or rather finally realizing how much a person's browsing history can tell about him/her. So, if its good to keep one's history in one's system clean, as one cleans and tidies one's home before arrival of a guest. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if someone uses your PC, then types something in google search, and in form of suggestions, your previous query comes and some of them are not what you want others to know!
Once, to save myself embarrassment I deleted the history in my friend's laptop after using his laptop, instead of choosing my browsed sites for deletion! Later he had a tough time typing the whole URL of the sites in place of the title which was enough earlier!

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Sidjustice21 said...

Firefox 3.5 comes to the rescue. It has a "Private Browsing Mode" which when enabled doesn't cache or save in history the sites you access. After your thing, you could disable it again. Besides, it has an option of deleting just the recent private data; you could choose to delete all traces of Internet activity engaged in for the past 1 hr, 4 hrs etc.

Upgrade to the latest firefox and feel free! Redefine your surfing experience. ;)