Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Balance of Nature I

Nature has its own way of maintaining equilibrium within itself! or should I say, amusing itself? :D
Some people, for some reason decide to pollute the nature, releasing toxic waste and disturbing the wildlife, greenery and ecological niche! Now some people see this, feel that its their responsibility to save the nature and set out to do so, fighting against those who polluted the nature. Some might even feel guilt that poor innocent wildlife and humans have to suffer because of few people's activities. Now there's another group of people who don't bother about nature and live their own lives (I belong to this group!), polluting very less and also not planting very much.
Same analogy can be applied to helping homeless, poor, unemployed and saving civilizations! Some destroy, knowingly and unknowingly, and some try to save, knowingly!
Could it be that when our world is about to reach a perfect state of equilibrium, the nature itself triggers something in someone's brain that makes him/her do something to disturb that equilibrium. Some then join this person in disruption and some fight against it... nature lets these two groups sort it out and when fun is over and equilibrium reached again, nature plots something else... nature has its own way of having fun I guess! :D


Anonymous said...

Its just man's need of trying to find a pattern in everything even though there is no pattern.

Devansh Mittal said...

In nature, material, plants and animals maintain complete order. They do not pollute the environment, they do not harm nature, they do not exploit, they do not accumulate, they do not breach trust. Rather in entire nature except human being each entity is being mutually fulfilling to each other. Like, a plant takes nutrients from soil and also enriches it. An animal takes food from plants and also nurture them. Every entity in existence is mutually fulfilling to each other. It is only human who is currently not.

In case of human also there is something more that what we generally see, like a human wants to trust and to be trusted. When he feels that he is being mistrusted or being wrongly evaluated he feels bad. These things are there in a human being but they need to be evaluated by him. The more a human evaluate himself, observe himself, the more he comes to know about himself, the more he realizes that he is no different than any other human being, the more he keeps becoming trustworthy, the more certain his conduct start becoming, the more responsible he start becoming. In case of human it all starts with observation starting from the self of the self. In case of human knowledge itself is happiness, knowledge itself is responsibility, knowledge itself is being trustworthy, knowledge itself is being mutually fulfilling to rest of the existence.

Harsimran Kapoor said...

you may be on to something there!

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is right but I also hope there is a pattern :)P