Monday, June 01, 2009

IPL 2009

IPL did it again, the underdogs won yet again, and a thrilling, and more than that deserving finale. The celebrations sucked, especially Kat's performance... I hate the new avatar of Jai Ho! The fireworks were fine, Akon's was disappointing! Why the hell a beauty contest? :O
Anyways, the finale was great. Stopping the opponent from chasing a marginal total! Lovely! I rarely watch cricket but being at home I watched the finale. The look of frozen anxiety on Vijay Mallya's face was hilarious!
To be honest, Royal Challengers could have won, but I guess they just lost too many wickets! But Deccan Chargers deserved it. May the best team win always!

P.S. Sorry for a late post on IPL but I had to write one on it.


Anonymous said...


rahul said...

how on earth was DC the best team?

Delhi won the most no. of matches and RcB was the team with the nest spirit.

DC just rode on individual brilliances except for maybe in the final

Abhishek said...

@rahul: I never said DC was the best team. They were the underdogs from last time. It was only in the finale that they played very well to win the IPL 2009.
And yeah, the best team is the one who wins the finals even if other team is more talented. :)